Cbd and Sleep Improvement

Cbd and Sleep Improvement

So many Americans struggle with sleep at some point in their lives. As a matter of fact, insomnia and other sleep disorders are so common that it is estimated that roughly 10 to 30 percent of all adults throughout the world are suffering from these conditions at any given time. On top of this, about half of all adults will suffer from insomnia at some point this year! So, how are people dealing with these tremendously irritating, energy-sapping, and life-altering ailments if they are so common?

What are the most common cures for insomnia and restlessness used today?

There are quite a few different ways that people can improve their sleep patterns and get more rest. However, their effectiveness varies quite a bit depending on each person. Initially, many doctors advise their insomnia patients to start becoming more active and get more exercise. However, if exerting physical energy and getting exhausted doesn’t help the ability to go to sleep, more specific treatments are used such as:

1) Light therapy

2) Stimulus control therapy

3) Temporary sleep-deprivation techniques

4) Stress and anxiety management protocols

5) Scheduled periods of staying passively awake

However, the most common way that people combat the potentially vicious cycle of sleeplessness is with man-made synthetic sleeping aids. Most of the time, these types of medicines are bought over-the-counter (such as with Nyquil or Benadryl) while other types require a prescription to obtain. However, even the prescription medications are overused; there are quite a few physicians that are all too happy to freely prescribe these sleep aids.

While there are quite a few different medications on the market that help people fall asleep more effectively, many of them have been known to cause some extremely severe side effects! For example, Ambien (which is one of the most commonly prescribed sleep aids) is extremely effective at putting insomniac patients to sleep. However, it has also has been known to cause strange and sometimes dangerous behaviors to those who are on it. 

Many people under the influence of Ambien and other powerful sleep medicines have been found in completely hypnotic, sleep-walking states engaging in risky behaviors that can cause major harm to them and others! These scary incidents include people driving or wandering around aimlessly outside and then “coming to” without any memory of anything that happened. Not surprisingly, these horrifying side effects have led to many major injuries and in some cases, death!

Unfortunately, Ambien isn’t the only prescription sleeping aid that has led to such radical conclusions! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a natural sleep capsule that was just as effective against sleeplessness but also free of negative side effects? Luckily, new research is starting to indicate that we may have some powerful homeopathic options that do exactly that. While most people have started to become aware of the many possible benefits of CBD, many are completely unaware of its potential as a sleep-inducing solution!

What is a CBD sleep shot supplement?

CBD, which is also known as cannabidiol, can be formulated into a variety of different products (including capsules, tincture oils, edibles, and topical lotions). One of the most overlooked (yet valuable) of these supplements include cannabidiol-infused sleep shots that are specifically designed for optimizing CBD’s relaxing and sleep-promoting properties. A cannabidiol sleep shot contains an effective dose of CBD mixed with other compounds that help enhance the relaxation process. These elements can include essential oils (such as lavender and eucalyptus) and other herbal adaptogens. 

If you are worried about getting too relaxed from a cannabidiol sleep shot and not getting up on time, there are also CBD day and night oil formulas as well. The cannabidiol night formula is usually a typical sleep shot. However, the CBD day formula is also infused with other elements (such as caffeine and/or B-12 vitamins) that are made to counteract any lingering drowsiness from the CBD night oil product ingested a few hours before.

How effective is CBD as a sleep aid when compared to a melatonin vape pen?

Melatonin is another homeopathic sleep aid that has also been seeing huge growth in popularity over the past few years. The fact that CBD and melatonin products are being consumed by so many people with sleep disorders point to the grave nature of the sleep disorder and prescription medication problem that is affecting our country. 

Melatonin is a powerful hormone that is responsible for regulating the sleep cycle. It is not only present and active in humans; melatonin is the main controlling agent of the natural circadian rhythm of most animals. This is why many people are able to combat their insomnia or other sleep disorders with melatonin vape pens.

However, new research is starting to indicate that CBD can be more effective as a sleep aid than melatonin. This is primarily due to the fact that melatonin seems to only help people fall asleep faster but doesn’t keep them asleep for a longer amount of time than usual. In comparison, research studies indicate that cannabidiol may help people with sleep disorders fall asleep faster, but also more deeply, and for a longer amount of time!

Is there a chance you can’t sleep without weed or hemp-based cannabinoids if you use either of them as a relaxation aid?

It is always possible to develop some type of dependency if you regularly use any supplement or medication. However, CBD and other cannabinoid-based products that are made from hemp and cannabis do not cause any type of physical addiction. This is primarily due to the fact that our bodies produce endocannabinoids that are almost identical in chemical structure to the cannabinoids found in plants; there are already biological pathways in our bodies designed to keep these compounds (and their various effects) in check! 

But if one of your customers happen to be among the few that feel as if they are having trouble falling asleep without CBD sleep aids, they might want to think about reducing their dose amount or the frequency that they are using them. On the other hand, since CBD doesn’t really cause any negative side effects, your customers are only hurting their wallets if they overuse them. But, to be honest, assuring an increase in the length and quality of your sleep is probably far more valuable than a couple of extra dollars. If cannabidiol products are the only things that can get someone to fall asleep, why not use them?